No Limit Poker vs Pot Limit - Which One Is Best For The Beginner?

When comparing No Limit Poker vs Pot Limit there can be no doubting the fact that NL Poker is the most popular or at least the most common that one will see being played in tournament poker.

It's also true it's a more complicated game, perhaps best left for the experts. Why would that be? Well it could be described for the beginners as a game where there is a limitless amount of rope provided, for which they can hang themselves with, making it easy to be picked off by the pro's!

At any time in NL Poker, a player is welcome if he wishes to move all of his chips into the middle. He would just simply say, "Going all-in" which is also known as "shoving" or pushing". Whilst there is no ceiling or upper limit on how much one can bet, there virtually always is a lower limit.

Looking at No Limit Poker vs Pot Limit obviously both have a different pot size. With NL Poker the player has control over the pot size. This means that they can dictate the Poker odds. Opponents can be out-manoeuvred and manipulated in a way that can't be done in a PL Poker game.

Also bluffs can be made that can be painful to call. One can lose their entire stack all on one hand, and conversely one can double up with pure unadulterated luck! As NL Poker is a difficult game, more so than limit Poker, it's easier for the experts to be able to force the beginners into making more mistakes, so perhaps not the best kind of arena, where to learn how to play or win at. Best left for the big boys to fight it out and stick with the limit game, although people always have their crazy ideas and why they want to do the opposite!

It's amazing the number of people out there thinking that limit Poker is for cowards and as such should be avoided at all costs. That's hardly rational thinking being concerned with what others think, when one should be far more concerned in protecting their assets.

When making a decision on No Limit Poker vs Pot Limit it's far better to learn in a steady fashion using smaller stakes, rather than trying to jump right in at the top just so as to look macho in others' eyes, then promptly getting slaughtered in the process. Who needs learning curve like that! That would hardly be worth it would it, agreed?

No matter what poker game you play, try not to make the common mistakes that some people make by breaking the rules of the casino and get their accounts frozen like this example with Spin Palace casino. The rules vary from site to site, but the most common are a misuse of casino bonuses, non-compliance of terms and conditions, not reporting a malfunction, offensive language, suspicious gambling patterns, security alert triggers, etc. That is why you should always read the casino's terms and conditions to know what is allowed and what not.

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