Here Are Some Different Poker Games Along With Some Poker Terms!

When someone asks another if they play Poker, they are generally referring to Texas Hold'em. Sure it could be they are asking about one of the other variants, but more likely than not that is what they mean, wouldn't one agree? Over the past few years, this game has become increasingly popular thanks to the World Series Of Poker (WSOP), however there are many different poker games around.

Taking a closer look at some of the different poker games existing, the main types that seem to be popular are community card games, stud and draw. At "friendly" tables, it is often the dealer who gets the choice to decide the type of game to be played. Structured tournaments already have a specific format in place right from the get-go. You can practice all these poker variants and other casino games for free online at without downloading anything. And when you are ready you can make an account and play them for real money.

Below are some of the most widespread versions of Poker one might encounter at one's regular dealer's-choice game. Here also are some common terms for one to familiarize themselves with first:


This is the minimum amount that the player must gamble with, to enable them to join the table to play.


This is cash represented by chip stacks that before the cards are dealt, are placed on the table. There are usually two blinds, called both the "Big" and the "Small", and they are both placed on the table so as to ensure that money will be wagered on each hand. The blinds rotate player to player, as each new hand is dealt.


Once a new bet is placed the following player places a "Call" this is to indicate that they agree to match the previous stake.


If no new bet has been placed and the player has no desire to raise they may "Check" which means place no bet at all.


This is when the player wishes to increase or "Raise" the size of the table bet.

Prevalent Poker Games That Are Popular

With "Stud " games the players usually get dealt three, five or seven cards and have to use these original cards from which to make their best available hand.

With "Community Card" games, the players get dealt "hole cards". These are placed on the table face down in front of them. The hole cards are then used in conjunction with the remaining community card deck, in an effort to make up their best hand.

If playing in a "Draw" game, the player may wish to trade away some of their hand, usually a maximum of up to 3 cards, again in an effort to produce a winning hand.

And Finally - Texas Hold'em

Certainly there are different Poker Games played all the time all over the country and online, but Texas Hold'em is the one that really seizes the imagination. It doesn't look like changing either, far too many people are enjoying playing this 4 round game with its 2 hole and 5 community cards, think it might be worth taking the time to learn it? Come join the crowd!

Although one of the most popular casino card games in history, poker may not be everyone's cup of tea. For those of you that want to try out something different, you can always opt for slots. They come in a great many varieties, so finding something you might enjoy is very likely. The best part is that you can play any game for free when you claim a free spins bonus that is usually a part of the welcome package when you sign up on online casino sites.

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